Introduction to Zoom meeting App

Intro to Zoom

Zoom is a video conferencing platform that is used to manage the resources remotely of our organizations. Zoom is one of the best powerful video conferencing software that is used by over 300 million meeting participants daily. It has an inherent interface and advanced features that make multiple participants make favorite video conferencing applications in all industries.

Zoom has gained popularity from small businesses to large enterprises. It is a powerful cloud-based video conferencing platform that multiple participants can use and can be used by various participants to connect a single call. Zoom provides virtual meetings, annotation features, whiteboards, the option to record conferences, etc., all within one application, which are very useful to manage an organization’s resources remotely.

Interface and in use

Zoom has a stylish and user-friendly interface for both mobile and desktop applications. If you open the app, you will discover four icons for New meeting, join, schedule, and share screen, which are essential to managing a meeting. One of the fantastic things about Zoom is that you can use this service from your browser without downloading any application.

The latest Zoom application is fully optimized and stable. If you have a strong internet connection, you will experience very smooth audio and video relay without lag. Besides, it uses only 15–20% of your CPU, which is tremendous. Altogether, Zoom is resource-efficient and works quite well.

Salient features of Zoom Meeting

Zoom provides the best video conferencing tools that turn the meetings as effective as face-to-face meetings. It can be called the powerhouse of features. It offers HD video and calling, social media streaming, sharing screen, and much more. Most of these users are free but limited to free users. Let’s discuss some of the significant features of the Zoom meetings.

Video conferencing

Zoom meetings provide video conferencing with HD audio and video calling. It offers cloud recording for the paid users and offers local meeting recording for free users. It supports videos of 49 participants on a single screen so that you can monitor them. There’s a raise hand option that the participants can use if they have questions to ask.

Bad video background can create a wrong impression. That’s why Zoom meeting offers virtual background changing options for both paid and free users.

Share Screen

Screen sharing is a very useful and handy feature for real-time comparison. Users can simultaneously share their screen one by one of a specific app window during an ongoing meeting or before joining participants.

Zoom Webinar

You can set up webinars, online events, video conferences, meetings, and online classes using this zoom webinar feature. You can set Q&As, stream events on social media. This can be so needed to set more organized meetings.

Zoom Chat

Zoom chat feature keeps the participants or teams connected, such as messenger. You can chat with each other during the meeting is ongoing. You can send messages one-to-one or as a group, share documents, etc.


This is a fantastic feature that is found under the share screen feature. This feature can be helpful for teams who need to draw to plan and project. Actually, the whiteboard is a feature that can be used for various purposes.

Zoom rooms

This is a premium feature of Zoom meetings. This feature uses physical substances to set up and launches Zoom meetings from the company’s private meeting room. As it is a premium feature, users need to pay additionally for this feature.

Comparison of Zoom Meetings with other Video Conferencing software

There is a lot of software available for video conferencing. You can often find similar features such as mobile versions, internal chatting, or security features. Though their similarities among the software, there are huge differences too. So, we have compared the five most used video conferencing software below:

Zoom Meetings vs. Skype

Both of these apps have different mobile apps and free versions. Skype is a video calling software currently owned by Microsoft. You can make international calls from skype to mobile phones, and this is quite affordable. You can connect this app with other products of Microsoft easily. It has one standout feature, and that these subtitles will help increase accessibility for the challenging listening situation.

On the other hand, Zoom meetings have different free and paid versions. It offers lots of valuable features like a whiteboard, share screen, Internal chatting, and much more. The most remarkable thing is that it provides a scheduled meeting option which is not available on Skype.

Zoom Meetings vs. GoToMeeting

These products are almost similar regarding some features such as screen share, private meeting room, and drawing tool. GoToMeeting uses an intelligent meeting assistant to interpret your complete session.

The unique feature of this app is that the participants can share their whole screen or specific apps window to share multiple documents on a single screen. But the drawback is it has no free version.

On the other side, the Zoom meeting offers screen share, a private meeting room, drawing tools, and a free version. So, you can get all the features completely free in the zoom, which are not accessible in other GoToMeeting.

Zoom Meetings vs. WebEx Meetings

WebEx is a well-organized video conferencing app with a specialized plan for education, business, and healthcare. The noticeable features of this app are: free call includes unlimited call duration, all the features for video conferencing.

Both Zoom and WebEx Meetings offer a whiteboard on video calls, messaging, file sharing features under the collaboration tool and Share Screen feature in Zoom. But there’s one thing that Zoom Meetings offers additionally, and that is drawing tools.

Zoom Meetings vs. Ryver

The Ryver is another video conferencing app that has an inbuilt collaboration tool under a chat interface. Besides, it also has a good video calling feature. The main features of this software are unlimited chat, file sharing, integrations, and tasks. It has a strict data encryption feature and 2-factor authentication to keep your data safe and secured. The standout feature of Ryver is its task management system.

In comparison to Zoom meetings, It has fewer features and tools. Zoom Meetings offers whiteboard, chat, and file-sharing features during the ongoing session, Drawing tools, and much more.

Zoom vs. Google Hangout Meet

Google Hangout Meet is a combination of Google hangout and Google Meet. This product comes with the capabilities of audio and video conferencing. This software can connect with pre-installed software like skype.

Unlikely, Zoom Meeting offers many useful features that we have discussed above. It is a comprehensive video platform that supports 1,000 participants at a time. This is easy to use and can be used in any business. Additionally, this is very useful for collaboration and brainstorming.

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